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Baby Wanted
August 2015

Three Goals Before Thirty...

EmmaKay Carraway has three goals to accomplish before age thirty: a husband, a baby and a minivan. Ten years ago, when she dated Ben Dupree and he promised her a ring, she’’d thought that vision would become her reality. In fact, she wouldn’t have been surprised if she and Ben had two or three babies in that minivan by the time she was thirty. Then Ben left town and tossed her crushed heart in his wake. So when she finds a baby on a doorstep merely months before her thirtieth birthday, she believes God is helping her achieve at least one part of her plan.

Then Ben Dupree shows up in her bakery. Still as handsome as ever, he acts as though she should welcome him back to Claremont with open arms. Not happening. But when she needs an extra set of hands in her bakery, only one person shows up for the job, and she can’’t stop that pull toward the first guy who won her heart. But can she control her emotions when she learns that the man she’s falling for again may be the very thing that keeps her from having the baby she adores?

Family Wanted
August 2015

A Place to Call Home

Isabella Gray has always longed for a small town to call home. Newly arrived in Claremont, Alabama, she might finally have the chance to find that—and more. Handsome Titus Jameson and his daughter, Savannah, immediately capture Isabella’s attention. The motherless child reminds Isabella of herself growing up, and she's determined to help bring the little girl out of her shell. But Isabella has been keeping a secret from the man she’s fallen for—and she's torn. She knows telling him the real reason she came to Claremont is the right thing to do—but revealing the truth could break everyone's hearts.

Emails from Heaven... A Short Story
January 2015

She wants a divorce for Valentine’s Day. He wants his wife...

Anthony Campari has never given his wife Talia what she wanted for Valentine’s Day, but this year he’d change that ritual. He’d give her what she wants, a divorce. But in spite of what she believes, it isn’t what Anthony wants. Yet he can’t fathom how to change her mind and knows that it’d take nothing short of…a miracle.

Daddy Wanted
February 2015

Overnight Mom
Former wild child Savannah Bowers goes from being happily single to the guardian of three children after the sudden death of her best friend. Struggling with her new role, Savvy’s not sure if Brodie Evans’s offer to help is a welcome one. She has trouble forgiving her childhood friend’s past mistakes, but she’ll give him a chance for the sake of the kids. Which is why the attraction she begins to feel for him catches her off guard. And she can tell she’s not the only one. If Brodie can prove he's changed his ways, he might just be this instant family’s perfect daddy.

Mondays with Jesus 2015
September 2014

Mondays with Jesus 2015 is filled with inspiring devotionals written by National Readers’ Choice Award Winner Renee Andrews. In her traditional style of applying her personal experiences to God’s Word, Renee provides a powerful beginning for each week that can easily apply to your own life and your personal walk with the Lord.

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Release month for BABY WANTED!


Release month for FAMILY WANTED!


Release month for DADDY WANTED!


PROFILED. wins the Inspirational category of the 2013 National Readers' Choice Awards!


YULETIDE TWINS earns HOLT Award of Merit!


PROFILED is a finalist in the 2013 National Readers' Choice Awards!


YULETIDE TWINS is a finalist in the 2014 Inspirational Readers' Choice Awards!


BRIDE WANTED Wins RT Book Reviews 2013 Reviewers' Choice Award!


PROFILED Wins Overall LYRA Award for 2013 Best Independently Published Fiction from Bookstore Without Borders!


Release month for MOMMY WANTED!


Speaking at Jacksonville Public Library - February 20


Love Inspired Reader Luncheon on January 30 in Tampa!


BRIDE WANTED is a finalist for RT Book Reviews 2013 Reviewers' Choice Award!


Release month for MORNINGS WITH JESUS 2014!


Release month for YULETIDE TWINS!


Associate Editor Shana Asaro of Steeple Hill Love Inspired buys FASHIONABLY FAITH, DADDY WANTED, and TBD!


Release month for BRIDE WANTED!


Love Reunited is a finalist in the 2013 Inspirational Readers Choice Awards!


Renee, her husband J.R. and son Rene are on the American Bible Challenge game show as team Hello Kidney to raise money for living donors!


Release month for PROFILED!


Release month for HEART OF A RANCHER!


PICTURE PERFECT FAMILY is a finalist for RT Book Reviews 2012 Reviewers' Choice Award!


Associate Editor Marcus Silverman of Guideposts signs Renee as one of ten Christian authors to be a part of MORNINGS WITH JESUS 2014!


Renee gives 12 books for 12 Days Of Christmas Contest on her Facebook page!


Contest winner announced for all previous Claremont books! Congratulations to Tammy Lawrence of Centreville, AL!


Release month for LOVE REUNITED!


Release month for MORNINGS WITH JESUS 2013 - A Year of Devotionals by Guideposts!


Senior Editor Melissa Endlich of Steeple Hill Love Inspired buys BRIDE WANTED, YULETIDE TWINS and MOMMY WANTED!


Winner announced for painting by artist Gina Brown! See CONTEST page for how to enter!


Senior Editor Rebecca Maker of Guideposts signs Renee as one of ten Christian authors to be a part of MORNINGS WITH JESUS 2013 -- A Year in Devotionals!




Senior Editor Melissa Endlich of Steeple Hill Love Inspired buys LOVE REUNITED and HEART OF A RANCHER!




TOMS Shoes gift pack given to one lucky reader! Congratulations to Sarah Madsen of Kadoka, SD!


Release month for HEALING AUTUMN'S HEART!


Beautiful painting by artist Gina Brown given to one lucky reader! Congratulations to Rose McKeirnan of Walla Walla, WA!


Release month for HER VALENTINE FAMILY!


Senior Editor Melissa Endlich of Steeple Hill Love Inspired buys HEALING AUTUMN'S HEART and PICTURE PERFECT FAMILY!


Senior Editor Melissa Endlich of Steeple Hill Love Inspired buys HER VALENTINE FAMILY!

Award Winners

2013 Winner - National Readers’ Choice Award
2013 Winner - LYRA Award
February 2013

When your life begins with murder, learning who to trust can be deadly.
A killer with a twisted view of religion is counting the days, forty days and forty nights, and counting the murders, seven women every seven years. But he doesn’t realize two determined women are counting the days too, the days until they have vengeance and the hunter becomes the hunted. Every seven years, seven women die. All blonde, all single, all pregnant. But the intriguing profiler knows more than she reveals, and the savvy TV correspondent has seen his face. Now two women with secret pasts make one vow: to stop a killer.

2013 Winner - RT Book Reviews Reviewers' Choice Award
July 2013

Dear Bride-To-Be... Troy Lee has been writing letters to his future bride since he was a boy. Still, she’s never been more than words on a page...until now. When he meets Destiny Porter, he thinks he may have finally found the woman he’s been waiting for. But Destiny came to Claremont with a single purpose-to get Troy’s permission to print his letters in her magazine. Yet once she lays eyes on the handsome Southern man, Destiny knows she’s in trouble. She can’t help dreaming about being Troy’s bride. But will he still want to be her groom when he finds out who she really is?